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24th Day – Exams

Today’s Score: 5/10

Hi! I completed the twenty-fourth day of my journey. I can say that I wasn’t productive today because I went to school and took 2 exams. I will get more than 75 out of 90 on both exams. I decided to work really hard for swiftUI and I set a goal. I will start to earn money by 10 February 2021. I will do it I promise you who are reading it. I will work really hard and I will start tomorrow. I will start 100 days of SwiftUI. I may skip Sunday because that is the single day in which I can spend all of my time with my father so I want to spend time with my father. I will work really hard except Sunday. I don’t have too many things to write today. I didn’t do a workout today because I feel sick and my throat hurt. I may be infected by COVID-19 so I don’t go out because I may infect others and that’s totally what I never want. I will inform you tomorrow. I will not share this daily report on Twitter because I didn’t to a good amount of things 😀 I think it’s enough for today because I’m going to read a book after finishing this daily report. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!