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20th Day – SwiftUI!

Today’s Score: 7/10

Hi! I completed the twentieth day of my journey! Today was good but I woke up late unintentionally. I started to learn swiftUI today and it’s going good. I hope I will do amazing jobs with it because it’s easier than UIKit and it seems more enjoyable to me. I will start to #100DaysOfSwiftUI but I don’t have time nowadays because of the exams. I need to take a break for software and study for exams. I haven’t studied for school since the beginning of covid-19. I think I should study nowadays to become a graduated 😀 I will study App Inventor which I take at the mobile programming class at school. I know it’s really basic but I think everyone know that cirriculums are always bad all over the world. I will read a book after this daily report so I need to make it as short as possible because I want to have more time for reading book. So it’s all for this daily report. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!

19th Day – New Decisions

Today’s Score: 7/10

Hi! I successfully completed the nineteenth day of my journey. Today was productive and I made a decision today. First of all, let me tell you what I did today. I completed the in-app purchase and some other stuff in MemPi today, and then I wrote an article for Turkishkit, and then I watched some videos in TurkishKit iOS Development Course. I did everything about MemPi and I will not spend time on MemPi anymore unless It needs. I said that I made a decision. I will learn SwiftUI and I will start to #100daysOfSwiftUI from tomorrow on. By the way, I will schedule my future plan tomorrow. For example, I will create a plan for sports and fitness. I will add one algorithm and computer science day to my plan and then I will add to the back-end (node.js) learn to my plan. Probably I will spend about 4 hours per week learning back-end. I know it’s not enough for learning back-end but I will learn step by step. I think it’s enough for today’s report because I’m tired 😀 Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!

18th Day – Fifty fifty

Today’s Score: 5/10

Hi. I completed the eighteenth day of my journey. Today wasn’t productive but I did something so I can say that today was fifty-fifty. I know I don’t work hard nowadays but I will start to work hard from Monday. I haven’t done the pro version of MemPi which I mentioned in the last article because I was with my friend yesterday and I was with relatives today. I will have done it by tomorrow evening. I don’t know what to do right now. I may sleep and make the pro version of MemPi tomorrow or I may prefer work until I finished the pro version of MemPi. If I prefer to work, I will have a good and relax sleep when I finished work and probably I will prefer working. By the way, I decided to learn SwiftUI and start #100daysOfSwiftUI. It will be really good for my career because most of the iOS developers don’t know SwiftUI and it can be a really good advantage for me. I started to do sports and today is my third day. I want to gain weight. I’m 73 kilograms right now and I’ll be 78 or 80 kilograms. I think it’s enough for today because I have tons of works to do but first of all, I need to drink taft coffee which is the strongest coffee and most caffeinated coffee in the world. Just taft coffee keeps me awake. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!

16th Day – Unproductive Day :(

Today’s Score: 4/10

Hi. I completed the sixteenth day of my journey but not successfully. I studied English and made the “Share The Love” page which is easy today. I realized that I have a big problem. I lost my motivation when I complete something. For example, I completed MemPi and I feel that I don’t have anything to do anymore. I know it seems silly and nonsense. I agree with you. I’m trying to change this mentality. This “Completed effect” doesn’t last too long but I can say that this effect influences me for about 2 days. I don’t know whether there is something like that in psychology but I think there is. I named it “Completed effect” because I don’t know the real name of it. I didn’t do a good amount of work as a result. I’m sorry for that but I will complete the whole PRO version of MemPi and I promise that. I will spend more than 15 hours in front of the computer if required but I will have made it by tomorrow evening and then I’m going to come here and write “Yeyyyy I did it :))). I will start the new project in one week and who knows, I may start to take a video while developing and learning. I won’t tell you details about it or something about it because I’m not sure and I will not inform other people about this video idea for a while. I think it’s enough for this sad, unmotivated and unproductive day. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!

14th Day – I Released MemPi!

Today’s Score: 10/6

Hi! Today wasn’t bad or good. It was average. My MemPi application is accepted today so I’m so happy. I woke up late today because I was so tired because of yesterday’s trip. I studied English and make the second version of MemPi because I noticed that I have some typo and there was a bug about the keyboard. I fixed them and sent the second version to the App Store. I didn’t do a good amount of work today. I arranged the title of articles on my website because I realized that these titles were really boring and ordinary. By the way, tomorrow is my birthday :)) I’m happy about that because I can see my cousins who I really love. I will make a plan for a workout and read a book this evening. I also need to smell fresh air because I haven’t go out today. By the way, I found an amazing idea that is a kind of chat application. It will really improve me and I hope It will take about 3 weeks maximum. I uploaded a lot of photos on my VSCO account and you can check it 🙂 I think it’s enough for today. I noticed that my writing skill has improved because of these daily articles and I really love it 😀 I know that I still have a lot of things to learn and improve but I can tell you what I want to tell at least. That’s all for today’s daily report. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!

MemPi is available on App Store!

Hi! I’ve created an application about memorizing pi digits. Its name is MemPi. I’ve spend for about 12 days to create it. Finally I did it, you can download on the App Store. It’s totally free 🙂 If you download and give a feedback, I would be super happy 🙂

You can download it from here

I hope you enjoy while playing this educational game 🙂 Have a nice day!

13th Day – Amazing Traveling Day

Today’s Score: 10/10

Hi! I successfully completed the thirteenth day of my journey. I haven’t done anything about software and development today because I was traveling all day. I’ve traveled for about more than 14 hours 😀 Yes, you are right, I’m in love with traveling. I’ve traveled to islands and millions of places in Istanbul. It isn’t enough for me but I think I can stay without traveling for about 2 weeks. I’ve traveled completely random. I enter every street and place I wonder. I went where I want. For example, I went to Uskudar, and then I decided to go to Kabatas, and then I decided to travel randomly. After random traveling, I decided to go to Prince Islands and I went to two of them. By the way, I wasn’t alone, I was with a friend who is my classmate. I think it’s enough for today. By the way, I couldn’t write a daily report for yesterday because I was amazing tired but I can say that I did a really good job. I was struggling with a problem for more than 8 hours. Eventually, I solved the problem and sent MemPi application to the App Store. I will give you the link of the MemPi app tomorrow. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!

11th Day – I Deleted MemPi Accidentally

Today’s Score: 6/10

Hi! I completed the eleventh day of my journey. I’ve completed the whole project today. Of course, the project has a lot of things to improve or change like UI design or diversity of game challenges. But something really bad happened about 4 minutes ago. I got an error while writing this daily report and that tells some files deleted in my project. I don’t know what to do. I will try to solve this problem and I hope I will. I’m really sad right now but I’m trying to stay positive. By the way, my elbows hurt because I spend more than 10 hours at the desk. I will reduce this time by 1 hour in the next week. I don’t know what to write because I have a lot in my mind because of the error which I got just a few minutes ago. Sorry, but I won’t write anymore for today. If I solve the problem today, I will write “I did it!” below my daily report post on Twitter. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you! (I noticed that today’s report is a little negative but don’t worry, I’m still positive but not as much as other days. I know every problem has a solution so I will not give up)

Edit: I Did it!!!!

10th Day – Article and Problems

Today’s Score: 7/10

Hi! I completed the tenth day of my journey. Today I’ve done a good amount of work but I think it’s not enough. It’s always not enough. I added an advertisement and refactor my code. I have been dealing with a problem with rewarded ads for about 4 hours and I can’t solve it yet. I hope I will fix it tomorrow. I wrote an article for TurkishKit today. I think I did a good job. I learned how to write an article and it’s good for me because this skill will help me in the future. I will look for the backend languages to learn after today’s report. I’m interested in node.js but I can’t decide yet. By the way, I have a good idea about social media and I will probably start it in 2 weeks maximum but no-one will know in the beginning. I will do tons of things tomorrow because this app should be finished on Sunday. I think it’s enough for today. I want something from you. If you read this report, please write Hi! or something that makes me understand that you read this report below the twitter post because I really wonder how many people read my daily reports. Actually it’s not important, I will continue to write even 1 person read my daily reports because I like writing. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!