Hey there, what’s up?

Hi! I’m Batuhan. There are some things that interest you now that you entered this site. (I Hope) I’m 17 and in the 12th Grade. I’m developing applications for Apple, especially for iPhone.

I do almost everything I do with passion. Always I try to do my best and that’s how I do it in my software & development adventure. I’m a beginner yet but I’m confident that I will improve.

I started software about 12 months ago. After 5 months of Android adventure, I felt closer to iOS development, so I have been trying to develop apps for Apple for 6 months and I will continue.

My biggest dream is to become a good traveler and travel to as many countries as I can. One of my favorite hobbies is developing applications so I feel amazingly lucky. I really love to teach and encourage people so I opened this website.

If you want to follow or even accompany me on my software & development journey,  Buckle Up! We will improve too much.

I am a passionate person