Hi 🙂 I will not share what I’ve done today. I need to tell you something. As you know, I’ve been studying and writing daily reports for this website for almost 40 days. Honestly, It was a little tiring so I needed to rest for 1 week. I will keep working but I will note share articles for 1 or 2 weeks because I have bigger plans about it. Who knows, maybe I will share videos to explain my daily journey from now on 🙂 I’ve been planning it since I started to write daily reports for this website. I will not share just daily reports on this youtube page. I will also share how I started, one day with me, How did I improve my English skills enough to make videos in English in 13 months. I know that I need to practice more but I think I can tell you what I want to tell you even though I have grammar mistakes. This new youtube channel will be amazing 🙂 I may stream one app in 24 hours stream or something like that. Anyway, As I said I need to recharge myself so goodbye for now. I hug who read this daily report 😀 episode 1 of my journey is ended. Goodbye for new journeys, success, stories, and much more. See Ya!