Today’s Score: 8/10

Hello! I successfully completed the thirty-seventh day of my journey. Today was pretty good and I’ve done a lot of work. I learned a lot of methods in SwiftUI. I did a workout and studied English. I’m excited about tomorrow because tomorrow will be computer science – algorithm day :)) I know that SwiftUI is more enjoyable than an algorithm and computer science but it’s a little break for me and it’s also really important to get a job as an engineer and understanding how computers work. I will learn what is linked list, what is the node and I will take cs50 week 1 (Actually week 2 but it’s counted from 0) I promised you 2 days ago but I couldn’t write because I wasn’t at home so I’m sorry about that. Today was good generally but I didn’t play harmonica because I don’t have time for that or it wasn’t my priority for today. By the way, I’m thinking about making a video for the daily report but I’m not sure. I will probably make it 2 months later. I think it’s enough for today because nothing interesting happened today. I just worked hard. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!