Today’s Score: FREE

Hi! I completed the thirty-third day of my journey. Actually, this daily report will be really short because I did literally nothing today. I felt that I needed a rest and a day without coding so I did it. I’ve only played harmonica and arrange my notes on Notion. I will work hard tomorrow but I will stop working early because I will go to my cousins. I really love them. They don’t read here because they are kid and don’t know English 😀 I hope I will tell them my success story and show them these pages. I will say “I worked hard, I burnt the midnight oil but it worth. Follow your dreams”. I know that I will say it one day. In short, today was a kind of rest day. I think it’s enough for today. I was sad yesterday because my last application rejected by the App Store Review Team because of association with COVID-19 but I’m not too sad. I tried at least. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!