Today’s Score: 4/10

Hey! I completed the twenty-third day of my journey. Today was so boring because I was studying for exams which I will take tomorrow. I did nothing about software but I studied English a little and did workout. I don’t have things to write as much as tomorrow but I can say that my body is improving day by day for example my arms got bigger 😀 I notice that I need to learn something about agile and scrum but I don’t even know a little thing about them so I will search for them tomorrow. By the way, I have a new hobby, quantum physics, and normal physics. I hate physics at school but I realized that physics is really fun and interesting. I used to hate physics because of the fuc.. okay I will not do that. Because The education system is really bad and they only teach us formulas what doesn’t make sense without understanding what physics is. I’m sick of some part of the education system. I think that’s enough for today I know that this daily report is a little angry and negative but I felt that I need to write that. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!