Today’s Score: 5/10

Hello! I completed the twenty-second day of my journey. I couldn’t study software so much today because I had two exams. I passed it and I will probably get 90 out of 100 on the exams because they were easy at least for me. I learned something new about SwiftUI today. By the way, I found an amazing idea but I don’t have enough budget for it. It became my motivation source because I really want to create a start-up about this idea and I really trust my idea. I know that everyone has a brilliant idea for themselves but this idea is different and I really trust it. I will work 25 hours a day to collect enough money to create this start-up. I will improve myself a lot and work as a freelance iOS developer. I will not waste my money and create this start-up eventually. I may get help from my father about the budget but I will collect the money myself as much as possible. If the start-up fails, ı learn tons of things at worst. I will study for two exams which I will take on Friday tomorrow. I hope I will get 80 out of 100 minimum. I’m really excited and enthusiastic about this new idea and almost all of my friends liked it. I hope I will be successful at everything I wish. I think it’s enough for now because I will read a book and then dream of the time when I create it. I gave 5 to today because I couldn’t do good amount of work because of going to school. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you! I’M EXCITEDD FOR NEW IDEA :)))