Today’s Score: 5/10

Hi. I completed the eighteenth day of my journey. Today wasn’t productive but I did something so I can say that today was fifty-fifty. I know I don’t work hard nowadays but I will start to work hard from Monday. I haven’t done the pro version of MemPi which I mentioned in the last article because I was with my friend yesterday and I was with relatives today. I will have done it by tomorrow evening. I don’t know what to do right now. I may sleep and make the pro version of MemPi tomorrow or I may prefer work until I finished the pro version of MemPi. If I prefer to work, I will have a good and relax sleep when I finished work and probably I will prefer working. By the way, I decided to learn SwiftUI and start #100daysOfSwiftUI. It will be really good for my career because most of the iOS developers don’t know SwiftUI and it can be a really good advantage for me. I started to do sports and today is my third day. I want to gain weight. I’m 73 kilograms right now and I’ll be 78 or 80 kilograms. I think it’s enough for today because I have tons of works to do but first of all, I need to drink taft coffee which is the strongest coffee and most caffeinated coffee in the world. Just taft coffee keeps me awake. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!