Today’s Score: 10/10

Hi! I successfully completed the thirteenth day of my journey. I haven’t done anything about software and development today because I was traveling all day. I’ve traveled for about more than 14 hours 😀 Yes, you are right, I’m in love with traveling. I’ve traveled to islands and millions of places in Istanbul. It isn’t enough for me but I think I can stay without traveling for about 2 weeks. I’ve traveled completely random. I enter every street and place I wonder. I went where I want. For example, I went to Uskudar, and then I decided to go to Kabatas, and then I decided to travel randomly. After random traveling, I decided to go to Prince Islands and I went to two of them. By the way, I wasn’t alone, I was with a friend who is my classmate. I think it’s enough for today. By the way, I couldn’t write a daily report for yesterday because I was amazing tired but I can say that I did a really good job. I was struggling with a problem for more than 8 hours. Eventually, I solved the problem and sent MemPi application to the App Store. I will give you the link of the MemPi app tomorrow. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!