Today’s Score: 6/10

Hi! I completed the eleventh day of my journey. I’ve completed the whole project today. Of course, the project has a lot of things to improve or change like UI design or diversity of game challenges. But something really bad happened about 4 minutes ago. I got an error while writing this daily report and that tells some files deleted in my project. I don’t know what to do. I will try to solve this problem and I hope I will. I’m really sad right now but I’m trying to stay positive. By the way, my elbows hurt because I spend more than 10 hours at the desk. I will reduce this time by 1 hour in the next week. I don’t know what to write because I have a lot in my mind because of the error which I got just a few minutes ago. Sorry, but I won’t write anymore for today. If I solve the problem today, I will write “I did it!” below my daily report post on Twitter. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you! (I noticed that today’s report is a little negative but don’t worry, I’m still positive but not as much as other days. I know every problem has a solution so I will not give up)

Edit: I Did it!!!!