Today’s Score: 6/10

Hello! I completed the sixth day of the journey. Today was good but could be better because I was sick, I had terrible nausea. I’m still sick and have nausea but better than this morning. Today, I arranged the UI of my MeMPi project. I know I spend too many days designing UI but I don’t just arrange the UI. I learn at the same time. I can say that my knowledge of UIKit increased more than three times since I started this project. I didn’t play harmonica and do sports today because I was sick as I mentioned. I watched a movie named Whiplash. It was so good and motivational. I didn’t do anything special except watching a movie. I need to sleep now so I can’t write more. I’m sorry for this short daily report. I hope I will wake up an amazing and healthy morning tomorrow. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!