Today’s Score: 6/10

Hello! I completed the fifth day of the journey. I always prefer to be honest so I don’t want to fool you and myself. I write everything with %100 accuracy. Today I worked but not hard. I’ve studied & worked for about 7 hours and it’s not much for me so I gave 6 points to today. I didn’t play harmonica, practice English and do sports because I didn’t have enough time. My cousins (I really love them :))) and their family came to our home and we spent time together. I arranged the UI design and structure of the MeMPi project which is about memorizing pi digits. I hope it will be finished by next Sunday and probably it will. I will start to create a PRO version of it when I finished the normal version. PRO version will take about 1 week I think. I didn’t work so much but I did remarkable works today and I found a new application idea about Twitter but I’m not sure whether App Store gives permission. I need to more research it but not now. I can postpone it until I finished the MeMPi and MemPi PRO. I think it’s enough for today. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!