Today’s Score: 4/10

Hi! I successfully completed the fourth day. I haven’t done enough work today because I was traveling all day as I mentioned in the last article. I was traveling around Bolu where is my hometown. I’ve gone Yedi Göller and Gölcük. I really love nature and traveling so I had so much fun today. I don’t have enough thing to write today because I didn’t do any work or something related to software 😀 I don’t know how much score should I give for today. If we care only somethings improve me, I should give about 0 or 1 but If we care generally, I would give 8 or 9. I think I should give it about 4 for today. Today was the therapy for me. By the way, I found a really good app idea and it will be my first professional project. I will start to make this project when I finished the MemPi app which is for memorizing pi digits. I guess the MemPi app will be ready for the App Store in 7 days. I think it’s enough for today. Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!