Today’s Score: 8/10

Hi! I successfully completed the third day. I’ve done a lot of work today so I’m writing right now (12.47 A.M). I was talking with Sercan who is a software engineer and knows back-end, swift, PHP, and some javascript. I’ve played harmonica and studied English as always. I dived deep into Core Data and I learned tons of things. I spent %60 of my day learning details of Core Data and best practice. I can’t write so many things today because I’m amazing tired and sleepy. Additionally, I will wake up at 05.00 A.M and go to another city with my family for traveling so tomorrow is the rest & traveling day. I learned millions of things from Sercan who I mentioned before. He spent between 3 and 4 hours to teach me what is the backend, how to write API, why I should know the backend and very crucial things like that. I will sleep right now because I can’t continue 😀 Thank you for reading! I wish the everything best for you!